We solve serious and fun problems in a totally awesome way

StolenCameraFinder. Guess what it does.

StolenCameraFinder use the serial number stored in your photos to search the web for other photos taken with the same camera. Used by over two million people so far, will you be next to find your stolen camera?

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OddPrints. Easy printing for tricky frames.

OddPrints solves the problem of printing your photos for any size frame. Read this article from Photography for Beginners magazine that describes it as a "fantastic printing service".

AwesomeTimer. Online race timing. Offline.

AwesomeTimer is breath of fresh awesome into a stagnant world of race timing software. Using the latest HTML5 techniques, AwesomeTimer stores all race details and results within the browser and can also be used with no internet connection whatsoever. Visit the site, then disable your internet connection and try again, it still works just seemlessly. Awesome!

Photo by friskytuna

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MattBurnsPhotos. My humble photography.

MattBurnsPhotos is simply my attempt to help justify an expensive hobby. I wouldn't say I'm a great photographer, but I wouldn't say I'm rubbish either. You might say I should stick to programming but that's your call.

SmileTapper. The app that makes you happy.

SmileTapper is inspired by research that suggests you can improve your positive bias by playing this kind of game for five minutes a day.

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