OK, I know, it’s a bit of a silly question because everyone has different needs, but these are mine:

  • 1 month rolling contract — I don’t want to be stuck with the contract for 12 months
  • Keep my number — I rummaged through the boxes in a BTCellnet shop years ago to get my number and I’m going to keep it
  • Unlimited internet — Well, a fair usage of at least 1GB, and I don’t want to get charged if I go over, I just want a warning
  • Some free minutes — To all networks of course
  • Some free texts
  • £25 per month or less

So far, the best I’ve found is the solo-20 plan at T-Mobile:

  • 1 month rolling contract
  • **Keep my number
  • Unlimited internet — Fair usage of 1GB
  • 600 minutes to all networks
  • Unlimited texts
  • £20 per month

If you think you’ve found a better plan that meets my minimum requirements, or this deal is no longer available, add a comment and I’ll update this post.

Update December 2012: This solo-20 plan is no longer available. This was pointed out to me by a commenter linking to http://www.comparisim.co.uk/. I thought, oh great, another spammer (like many of the comments) but the site actually looks pretty good. I also recommend http://www.billmonitor.com/. Personally I’m on a normal contract now (this post is old) but please post any good deals in the comments for others to find.