After some late night cramming for an exam last week I went to bed with my head still chattering. I told a sleepy Karen about my day at work and how Dan and I kept singing different words to Adam and Joe’s “Text the Nation” jingle. I gave the example: “Patch the source code, patch patch, but what if it’s not tested? It doesn’t matter, PATCH!” (I hope the sarcasm reads well).

As I noisily clambered into bed, Karen reminded me I still had my glasses on. “But how will I see my dreams?” I replied, to which she instantly quipped “It doesn’t matter, SLEEP!”. Karen got the idea instantly even though she was half asleep and doesn’t really listen to the show. She still managed to come up with something better than any of my attempts.

It’s when these moments of utter genius tumble out of Karen’s mouth that I am reminded how much smarter than me she is.