Canon have just released the 7D and although I can’t really afford it, I have to have one!

The price difference between UK and US is pretty crazy. Here, my favourite camera shop are selling body only for £1,399. £300 less than Canon’s SRP. In New York’s B&H store you can pick it up for $1,699 (~£1,014).

As luck would have it, I’m going to NY this weekend so if I’m going to buy one, now’s the time to decide.

I saw some people on flickr discussing whether or not it was worth it, or whether you could get it through customs and so I decided to call them myself. I rang the VAT, Customs and Excise helpline and was told that it being a digital camera, it was not liable for import duty and I would only have to pay VAT (currently @ 15%). I would just declare it on arrival in the UK by going down the red channel.

I think I can get the US sales tax (~8.25% ?) knocked off the camera when I buy it if I show them my passport and tell them I’m taking it home, but I’m not sure about that. Please comment if you know…

UPDATE: I contacted them about sales tax:

Purchases in our store (and all stores in NYC) are subject to an 8.875% local sales tax. This tax is not a VAT, and cannot be recovered by non-USA visitors when returning home. All prices are listed before sales tax.

This brings the total to $1,850 (£1106), it means I can still buy the 7D for about £1,270 when you add the VAT. A saving of £130.

However, I’m also not sure the Canon warranty covers me outside the US.

UPDATE: I contacted them about warranty too:

The warranty on this product is only good inside the USA. We offer the SageMax Protection Plan which is good for worldwide warranty and accidental damage protection…

What would you do?