If you know me, you’ll know I just got back from a year galavanting around the world. I was given a Sony e-book as a present which I took with me, and soon became an essential item.

It’s already showing its age compared to newer models but I’m not buying a new one until e-book manufacturers start adding features I actually want.

I don’t want:

  • A colour screen. Why would I? I just want a book
  • Video support. If I wanted an iPad, I’d buy an iPad. I just want a book.
  • A qwerty keyboard. I have a phone for web and email. Did I mention I just want a book?

I want:

  • A big screen. Y’know, about the size of a book. With the best resolution you can please.
  • Amazing battery life. My current e-book is fine but more is always welcome. If the battery won’t easily last a week, then a book wins.
  • Tough construction. I don’t want to feel I have to buy a leather case to protect my delicate gadget and then just worry about it in my backpack. Make it tough so I can just chuck it around. Like a book.
  • Water-proofing. This is the killer feature. I want to read on the beach and in the bath without worrying about it. Why isn’t there a bright yellow* ‘sport’ edition like the walkmans of the 90’s?

I already prefer my e-book to real books. It’s a no-brainer for me, I’m converted. But if you’re a manufacturer and you want me to upgrade, make a model with features I actually care about.

*Yellow would obviously be an awful colour for a book. Black or white would probably sell better but frankly, I don’t care**.

_**I’m lying, of course I would care. How about carbon fibre? Transparent plastic? Metal covered in that rubber they make Aerobies with?