Google have just announced that they’re giving Latitude the boot. Not in the distant future but next month (August 9th). I’m gutted as I was just getting used to relying on its awesomeness. At first I panicked because I’ve been using the Location History feature to log my location for the past 3 years. Thankfully, that feature is spared the chop (well, for now at least).

If you have also been using it to log your location then you’ll be glad to hear you can download your location history. Unfortunately, once downloaded, there isn’t an easy way to view the history so I decided to write something. Here is the output image of everywhere I’ve been in the last 3 years (click through for a glorious high-res version):

Map of where I’ve been for 3 years

It includes some time I spent travelling (ahh… good times…) so I’ll print a poster to hang on the wall.

There may be whole continents I’ve not been near but if you zoom in, you’ll see I’ve got Bristol pretty well covered 😉

Want a map of everywhere you’ve been?

Currently the process is a fiddly manual one. If it’s something you’d pay for, let me know in the comments and if there’s enough interest I’ll add it as a product on my photo-printing site: OddPrints.